Mz M says: Colston Hall should not be named after dishonourable slave trader Edward Colston…



Today I was frustrated by what I deemed the once again slightly inane, overly reductive opinions of callers to a popular Chanel 5 morning TV programme. The topic up for discussion was whether or not Colston Hall in Bristol, named in honour of a successful 17th century businessman named Edward Colson, should be renamed.

The renaming of Colston Hall was suggested in consideration of the fact that Colston earned much of his fortune as a result of trading slaves during the Atlantic slave trade. The opinion of most callers and indeed the programmes guest panel was that to remove Colston’s name would be to deny the reality of a rich, albeit occasionally flawed, history. One caller commented that Colston, who ended his days as a philanthropist, was probably a ‘kindly’ man who, like many others at the time, had been ignorant of the fact that the slaves that he…

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